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“Pharaoh: The Urban Legend”

Pharaoh had been stuck in Village Green for the last few years. The only option he believed he had for getting money was being a criminal. He would soon find out the background of a girl that suddenly had taken interest in him, and her pain slips into his heart and touches every fiber in his body. He falls in love with her while dealing with hardships and the dope life. Then the two cousins Richie and Draco step to him with a plan. But in the streets of Gainesville Florida somebody always knew somebody. And Rose, his momma, had been in the streets for a while. It wouldn’t be long before the news spread.

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“Pharaoh: The Urban Legend” is a riveting narrative that ventures into the heart of Gainesville’s underworld, where secrets are currency, and the past is a relentless shadow. It’s a tale of love, survival, and the tumultuous journey of a young man navigating the blurred lines between right and wrong, loyalty and betrayal, all within the unforgiving streets that sculpt legends.

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Dive deeper into the enthralling world of “Pharaoh: The Urban Legend” with an exclusive interview featuring Harvey C. Long, Jr., the mastermind behind this gripping narrative. Joining him is Benji Cole from CBS Radio, as they delve into the intricate layers of this immersive tale. Discover the motivations, the challenges, and the captivating essence of “Pharaoh: The Urban Legend” straight from the author himself in this engaging conversation.

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